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2016 Strange Horizons



(Fairy Tale) Jocelyn is a princess a lot like Sleeping Beauty, but with a much better relationship with the fairies. Not that that helps her.
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Gracia by Susana Vallejo  Time: 28m (Novelette)  IssueStrange Horizons 10/31/16
(Horror) Gracia returns to the Barcelona neighborhood where she grew up to visit her grandmother and attend a funeral.
(Magical SF) Captain Stephana Levitanova commands the first "quantum impulsion platform" which will allow her to explore the galaxy without leaving St. Petersburg.
The Dancer on the Stairs by Sarah Tolmie  Time: 43m (Novelette)  IssueStrange Horizons 11/28/16
(Portal Fantasy) A personel manager is transported to a medieval world as an outcast, but she does have a purpose there, if she can only find it.

Short Story

(Magical Allegory) Your lover has sunk to the bottom of the sea. You're a witch with tremendous powers, but can you really save him?
(Near-Future SF) An interview with a simulation of the dead artist, Satka, who still has a big online following years after her death.
Bride Price by S.E. Jones1  Time: 14m (ShortStory)  IssueStrange Horizons 06/20/16
(Modern Fantasy) Kyria comes from an old, famous, magical family in England. She's a modern woman, but her father still thinks he can set a bride price for her.
Bull Of Heaven by Gabriel Murray  Time: 19m (ShortStory)  IssueStrange Horizons 07/25/16
(Android) Brother Francis is an android in an orbiting monastery. Their human patron has taken an interest in him, and involves him in studying a mysterious, ancient golden android.
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Conjure Man by Stefon Mears  Time: 17m (ShortStory)  IssueStrange Horizons 02/01/16
(Urban Fantasy) Heath comes to a park in Portland, Oregon to rid a client of some sort of spirit that's been pestering him. Business has been bad, so he really needs this to go well.
Das Steingeschöpf by G.V. Anderson1  Time: 21m (ShortStory)  IssueStrange Horizons 12/12/16
(Historical Fantasy) On the eve of the Nazi takeover, a young German man's first assignment fixing a living statue becomes more complicated than he expected.
Dido, Retold by A.T. Greenblatt  Time: 12m (ShortStory)  IssueStrange Horizons 09/19/16
(Modern Fantasy) Ancient Dido walks the streets of modern Carthage, cursed to find and fill the cracks she once created.
Dragon-Smoked Barbeque by M.K. Hutchins  Time: 02m (ShortStory)  IssueStrange Horizons 09/12/16
(Slipstream) Grandpa is gone, but the young narrator is determined to win the Tastiest Ribs competition in his memory, even if he's not quite sure how you're supposed to use the dragon.
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Esmeralda by Tamara Romero  Time: 15m (ShortStory)  IssueStrange Horizons 10/31/16
(High Fantasy) King Lazarus has disappeared, and Queen Estigia suspects his pet panther may have had something to do with it.
Her Sacred Spirit Soars by S. Qiouyi Lu1  Time: 18m (ShortStory)  IssueStrange Horizons 07/18/16
(Alternate History) In 1949, researchers attempt to harness "oriental lovebird energy" to cure human comas.
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Heroes by Lavie Tidhar  Time: 09m (ShortStory)  IssueStrange Horizons 09/19/16
(Historical Fantasy) In 1987 Berlin, Spit and Whirlwind stake out a man Spit should have killed 41 years ago.
How High Your Gods Can Count by Tegan Moore1  Time: 12m (ShortStory)  IssueStrange Horizons 05/02/16
(Modern Fantasy) A troop of monkeys at a Mayan Pyramid interacts with the tourists and broods on their creation myths.
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(Fantasy/Myth) The goddess of order has been flayed, and without the laws on her skin, the world will fall into chaos. So she goes beyond the world to look for it.
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In Our Rags Of Light by Shira Lipkin  Time: 14m (ShortStory)  IssueStrange Horizons 08/15/16
(Modern Fantasy) Twenty years ago, Jess was a teenage swamp witch in the Everglades. She flirted with the boys and took what she wanted, but Ben saw her for what she really was.
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Into the Wreck by June Oldfather1  Time: 14m (ShortStory)  IssueStrange Horizons 02/22/16
(Hard SF) A human science team studies the colossal wreck of an alien spacecraft.
La Corriveau by K.T. Bryski  Time: 15m (ShortStory)  IssueStrange Horizons 10/03/16
(Historical Fiction) In 1750s Québec, Marie Corriveau was executed for murdering her husband. But was she a witch?
(Modern Fantasy) Shay and friends jump from the rock into the pond, even though stories say that sometimes it keeps a teenager or two.
(Modern Fantasy) Sergio is called to remove an offensive mural, but when he touches it, it makes him "remember" things from other people's lives.
Meltwater by Benjamin C. Kinney1  Time: 07m (ShortStory)  IssueStrange Horizons 03/14/16
(Far Future SF) Far, far in the future, Percel still loves Emlune, despite all the ages that have passed and all the changes. Or at least one copy does.
Montague's Last by Ekari Mbvundula1  Time: 10m (ShortStory)  IssueStrange Horizons 02/29/16
(Historical Fantasy) In a prison in 18th-century France, Montague struggles to redeem himself by completing one last magical device before he dies.
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One Giant Leap by Jay Werkheiser  Time: 15m (ShortStory)  IssueStrange Horizons 11/21/16
(Hard SF) A corroded railing gives way, and Kent falls from a Venusian cloud city to near-certain death. But it takes a long time to fall fifty kilometers.
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Sweet Marrow by Vajra Chandrasekera  Time: 12m (ShortStory)  IssueStrange Horizons 07/04/16
(Present-Day SF) Ulna works for "The Department," investigating a murder. Her lover, Marrow, believes The Department committed the murder itself.
The Angel of Divine Intent by Tim Akers  Time: 22m (ShortStory)  IssueStrange Horizons 03/07/16
(SF) Haelice pilots the starship Sanctuary of Divine Intent on behalf of the "angel" who commands it. The angel has detected one of her kind, a feral, and risks the starship chasing it.
The Beef by J.D. Moyer1  Time: 17m (ShortStory)  IssueStrange Horizons 05/23/16
(Hard SF) By 2076, no one wants to eat real meat anymore, so a conscientious rancher looks to find something meaningful to do with her last 900 head of cattle.
(Paranormal) Anita used to study ghosts, but now she is one, and she's finding it frustrating to always seem to be arguing with her husband.
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The Godbeard by Lavie Tidhar  Time: 12m (ShortStory)  IssueStrange Horizons 01/11/16
(Fantasy) Iyob mourns the loss of his wife and daughter, and he decides to ride a balloon to heaven and demand an explanation from God.
(Horror) Jimmy, a young tramp hitchhiking through the Midwest, gets a ride with Suzie, a pottery teacher who gives him an uneasy feeling.
(Horror) In New Orleans, women with stillborn children can deliver them to the Bayou Lady, who gives them to the luminous ones. But sometimes a grieving mother wants to accompany her.
(High Fantasy) Viette wants a child, but she believes that her youthful visits to the "godswalk" left her barren. Another visit, they say, would let her bring home a child. Of sorts.
The Thanatos Mode by Tom Hadrava  Time: 09m (ShortStory)  IssueStrange Horizons 12/05/16
(Far-Future SF) When a ship is ready to die, it spawns an intelligent self-destruct entity inside itself. These are their stories.
(Horror) In life, he loved her from a distance, and in death he still hesitates to look right at her, even though she can’t leave the theatre. Is a half-man’s love stronger than death?
(Virtual Reality) The narrator hunts for the virtual trolls her grandmother created long ago.
The Witch's Knives by Margaret Ronald  Time: 09m (ShortStory)  IssueStrange Horizons 10/17/16
(Modern Fantasy) Leah has come a long way to find a witch to lift the curse on her husband which sometimes turns him into a beast.
(Fantasy Time Travel) A Greek free diver finds an ancient shipwreck where there was nothing at all just days earlier.
This Is a Letter to My Son by K.J. Kabza  Time: 16m (ShortStory)  IssueStrange Horizons 04/11/16
(Near Future SF) Kellsey's a transsexual 11-year-old girl. Improved technology makes that easier, but also creates new problems, and she seeks advice from recordings her mother made for her "son" before she died.
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Timothy by Philip Schweitzer1  Time: 10m (ShortStory)  IssueStrange Horizons 10/10/16
(Slipstream) Some people are easy to resurrect, some can't be, and some don't want to be. But everything has a cost.
Tower of the Rosewater Goblet by Nin Harris2  Time: 19m (ShortStory)  IssueStrange Horizons 01/04/16
(Fantasy) Erheani wanted to be a master storyteller, and the first task her teachers set for her was to update an old classic tale. But there are tales within tales...
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Water, Birch, and Blood by Sara Norja1  Time: 13m (ShortStory)  IssueStrange Horizons 07/11/16
(Portal Fantasy) In modern Finland, Elna, her wife and their little child take a summer vacation at a family cabin by a rural lake where something happened when Elna was 11.
(SF) Filo/Gee, an intelligent giant amoeba, isn't the ideal college roommate, particularly since he experiences the world through touching and tasting, which is hard on books, electronics, and relationships.
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