Friday, January 15, 2021

January 2021 Ratings

5★ & 4★ Stories: 0; Time & Words: πŸ’¬0
Recommended By Stories: 37; Time & Words: [15h] πŸ’¬272K
Total Stories: 81; Time & Words: [26h] πŸ’¬483K
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9 comments (may contain spoilers):

  1. The December stories here from BCS and Strange Horizons are not showing up on my 2020 ratings page.

    Glad to see you added Fantasy Magazine! It is actually a monthly magazine, not bi-monthly.

    1. Oops, thanks for reporting the bugs. I've updated the 2020 My Ratings page to include the BCS and Strange Horizons stories. I'll fix the Fantasy magazine bi-monthly -> monthly thing after lunch.

    2. Fantasy Magazine issues now fixed. Bug was copying the formula from F&SF. :-)

  2. Some reviews of the Jan.-Feb.-2021 Analog here:

  3. Please update Philia, Eros, Storge, AgΓ‘pe, Pragma in Clarkesworld with the reviews from SFRevu and Maria Haskins, thanks.

    1. Thanks for the reminder. It now shows Maria Haskin's recommendation. In the case of Sam Tomaino (SFRevu), his mini-review needs to say something like "great" or "outstanding" or "Hugo worthy" to count as a recommendation (equivalent of an RSR 4 or 5 star).

  4. The March 2021 Locus is out with reviews of Jan., Feb. and even March and April 2021 markets:

    Analog 1-2/21 (Rich Horton)
    Beneath Ceaseless Skies 1/1/21 (Karen Burnham)
    Beneath Ceaseless Skies 1/14/21 (Karen Burnham)
    Clarkesworld 1/21 (Karen Burnham)
    ConstelaciΓ³n 1/21 (Karen Burnham)
    F&SF 3-4/21 (Rich Horton)
    Fusion Fragment 1/21 (Rich Horton)
    Galaxy’s Edge 1/21 (Rich Horton)
    Lightspeed 1/21 (Karen Burnham)
    Metaphorosis 1/21 (Karen Burnham)
    Metaphorosis 2/21 (Karen Burnham)
    Mysterion 1-2/21 (Karen Burnham)
    Strange Horizons 1/21 (Karen Burnham) 1/6/21 (Karen Burnham) 1/19/21 (Karen Burnham)

    1. I've tagged additional stories from RHorton and KBurnham's "Recommended Stories" lists in their March columns.