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April 2015 Ratings

5- & 4-Star Stories: 6; Estimated Time: 4h:4m (73K words)
Recommended By Stories: 11; Estimated Time: 5h:04m (91K words)
Total Stories: 36; Estimated Time: 15h:9m (273K words)
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Rating: 5 -> Hugo-worthy

Entrepreneurs by Robert Grossbach  Time: 1h:12m (22K words)  IssueF&SF 05.06|15
An engineer on Earth in the 1980s attempts a business deal with rather tiny space aliens.
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Our Lady of the Open Road by Sarah Pinsker  Time: 54m (16K words)  IssueAsimov's 06|15
One of the last live bands struggles to do performances in a mostly-online world.
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The End of the War by Django Wexler  Time: 41m (13K words)  IssueAsimov's 06|15
In deep interplanetary space of some other solar system, war is fought between squads of self-replicating robots while their human operators engage in almost-friendly conversation.
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Rating: 4 -> Recommended

Dog by Bruce Mcallister  Time: 22m (7K words) 03/25/15
In the 1980s, when a young American couple goes to Mexico to study Spanish, a Mexican-American friend warns them to pay attention to the dogs.
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The Odds by Ron Collins  Time: 03m (1K words)  IssueAnalog 06|15
What are the odds that two species at roughly equal levels of development would meet in space and learn to trust each other?
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Trapping the Pleistocene by James Sarafin  Time: 50m (15K words)  IssueF&SF 05.06|15
Fur trapper from ~22nd-Century Ohio goes back in time to try to catch a giant beaver.
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Rating: 3 -> Average

A Turkey with Egg on His Face by Rob Chilson  Time: 23m (7K words)  IssueF&SF 05.06|15
Modest, young Missouri man has "friends" who bully him, a "girlfriend" who doesn't know he likes her, and a time machine.
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Ballroom Blitz by Veronica Schanoes  Time: 26m (8K words) 04/01/15
Jake and his brothers are doomed to dance forever unless he can find women willing to help break the curse.
Entanglements by David Gerrold  Time: 39m (12K words)  IssueF&SF 05.06|15
A writer gets a device that lets him examine alternate universes.
Other Reviews  RSR Mini-Review [3]  Recommended By: KTB SFRevu:5 SFEP
Four Seasons in the Forest of Your Mind by Caroline M. Yoachim  Time: 07m (2K words)  IssueF&SF 05.06|15
A very alien sort of aliens have a very different sort of first contact with humanity.
Mutability by Ray Nayler  Time: 22m (7K words)  IssueAsimov's 06|15
In a comfortable future world, a man meets a woman from a past he doesn't remember.
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On the Dying Winds of the Old Year and the Birthing Winds of the New by Kate Elliott  Time: 50m (15K words)  IssueLightspeed 59
In this fantasy, Mai lives in exile in the independent town of Salya, but the theft of a courier bag means that King Anjihosh doesn't intend to leave her or the town in peace.
Quiet Town by Jason Gurley  Time: 08m (2K words)  IssueLightspeed 59
Bev and her son Benj are among the last people left in town when bad news arrives.
Ships in the Night by Jay Werkheiser  Time: 11m (3K words)  IssueAnalog 06|15
A starship crewman chats in a bar and tells about a curious incident that happened during a near-light-speed cruise.
The Empathy Vaccine by C. C. Finlay  Time: 11m (3K words)  IssueAnalog 06|15
A man believes he'd be a better executive if he could turn off his empathy for other people.
The Empress in Her Glory by Robert Reed  Time: 23m (7K words)  IssueClarkesworld 103
Aliens decide to rule the Earth indirectly, picking a middle-aged woman from an insurance company to be their intermediary.
Other Reviews  RSR Mini-Review [3]  Recommended By: LTilton SFRevu:4
The Laminated Man by Albert E. Cowdrey  Time: 24m (7K words)  IssueF&SF 05.06|15
Cairns retired from the FBI at 60 to pursue one, last, mysterious case--off the books.
The Wormhole War by Richard A. Lovett  Time: 41m (13K words)  IssueAnalog 06|15
Earth's attempts to use wormholes to travel to other stars keep getting blocked by something.
Three Bodies at Mitanni by Seth Dickinson  Time: 23m (7K words)  IssueAnalog 06|15
Earth has sent a powerful starship to find the colonies it established 1,000 years ago and to destroy any that pose a threat to humanity.
Other Reviews  RSR Mini-Review [3]  Recommended By: NClarke
Today's Smarthouse in Love by Sarah Pinsker  Time: 06m (2K words)  IssueF&SF 05.06|15
A house AI falls in love with the house next door.
We'll Be Together Forever by Joseph Allen Hill  Time: 19m (6K words)  IssueLightspeed 59
A dysfunctional couple decides to make a love potion to prevent themselves from breaking up.
Other Reviews  RSR Mini-Review [3]  Recommended By: SFRevu:4

Rating: 2 -> Not Recommended

In the Time of Love by Amy Sterling Casil  Time: 16m (5K words)  IssueF&SF 05.06|15
A man wants to build a device to stop time--in a sense.
Let Baser Things Devise by Berrien C. Henderson  Time: 14m (4K words)  IssueClarkesworld 103
In alternate-history America, an uplifted chimp gets certified as a person and goes to the moon.
Other Reviews  RSR Mini-Review [2]  Recommended By: LTilton SFRevu:4
Postcards From Monster Island by Emily Devenport  Time: 23m (7K words)  IssueClarkesworld 103
Giant monsters invade a US city, but a group of eccentric neighbors stick around anyway.
Strategies for Optimizing Your Mobile Advertising by Brenta Blevins  Time: 03m (1K words)  IssueAnalog 06|15
Someone who makes a living wearing shirts that display advertising messages (updated in real time) is in trouble when the shirt goes blank.
Teardrop by Lisa Mason  Time: 23m (7K words)  IssueF&SF 05.06|15
On a very alien world, the human executive director of the "Cultivation" project has gone native, and he resists the people sent to arrest him .
The Audience by Sean Mcmullen  Time: 30m (9K words)  IssueAnalog 06|15
The Javelin reaches a rogue planet 36 light-days from Earth, but the crew finds something terrible there.
The Kroc War by Ted Reynolds And William F. Wu  Time: 11m (3K words)  IssueAnalog 06|15
Various people involved with the Kroc war voice their opinions about it.
The Ladies' Aquatic Gardening Society by Henry Lien  Time: 36m (11K words)  IssueAsimov's 06|15
Two ladies in late Nineteenth-Century New England fight over their places in society via their gardens.
The Muses of Shuyedan-18 by Indrapramit Das  Time: 29m (9K words)  IssueAsimov's 06|15
Lesbian couple studying the native life on Teysanzi make a real impression on a towering alien.
Other Reviews  RSR Mini-Review [2]  Recommended By: GDozois
The Museum and the Music Box by Noah Keller  Time: 14m (4K words) 03/18/15
The last curator of a decrepit museum mourns his lost love and obsesses over the music box that might bring them back together.
The Universe, Sung in Stars by Kat Howard  Time: 06m (2K words)  IssueLightspeed 59
Orrey maker decides to try working with real stars and galaxies.
Other Reviews  RSR Mini-Review [2]  Recommended By: KTB SFRevu:4
Very Long Conversations by Gwendolyn Clare  Time: 17m (5K words)  IssueAnalog 06|15
Becca is part of a team evaluating a new colony planet when she finds evidence there may already be intelligent life there.

Rating: 1 -> Needs Improvement

The Ministry of the Eye by Dale Bailey  Time: 42m (13K words)  IssueLightspeed 59
Bureaucrat in an ugly dystopia starts seeing signs of forbidden beauty in the debris on the filthy streets.
The Petals Abide by Benjanun Sriduangkaew  Time: 20m (6K words)  IssueClarkesworld 103
In a strange, distant future, someone resurrects an assassin and they have a relationship.

Rating: Not Rated

Ghosts of the Savannah by M. Bennardo  Time: 34m (10K words)  IssueAsimov's 06|15
In prehistoric Africa, two women defy custom and run with the hunters.

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