Tuesday, January 15, 2019

January 2019 Ratings

5★ & 4★ Stories: 18; Time & Words: [9h:51m] πŸ’¬177.3K
Recommended By Stories: 51; Time & Words: [24h] πŸ’¬436.9K
Total Stories: 90; Time & Words: [37h] πŸ’¬675K
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It's now 2019 and the stories you flag/rate here will be in the 2019 My Ratings page (except the anthologies Twelve Tomorrows and The Book of Magic, which are from 2018). However, the My Ratings tab will continue to be for 2018 stories until Feb 1, 2019.

10 comments (may contain spoilers):

  1. The 12/17/18 Strange Horizons story here doesn't show up on my ratings page.

    1. Oops. Good catch! I updated the story list in the 2019 My Ratings page but forgot to do the 2018 one. It's now fixed on the server, but it may take a day or two for the cached copy in your browser to expire. Remember not to manually clear your browser cache (at least without first using the backup button in RSR's floating toolbar) because that's where your My Ratings data is stored.

    2. Ooof! I saved from this page which opened the empty 2019 ratings page (because I only flagged/rated 2018 stories). But then found the current My Ratings page empty too. I restored from my previous bookmark, but eeek!

    3. Do I have to make sure I only save from a 2018 page until I'm ready to start saving 2019 stories? Or at least until 2019 is the current My Ratings page?

    4. You can flag/rate stories of any year from any page (that shows stories) and they'll be saved in the cache. The My Ratings page displays what's in the cache, but only for stories it knows about (I need to update it monthly with new story ids), which is what I forgot to do when the January 2019 Ratings came out.

      Complicating the situation is January being a month when there's a mix of 2019 stories and 2018 stories (like the Strange Horizons and the two anthologies). I split the My Ratings page by year so a year's worth of rated/flagged stories can fit in the URL you bookmark after clicking the backup button.

      I should be able to create a single My Ratings page that holds every year after we migrate our site from Blogger to WordPress and can implement an optional user sign-in that keeps your flagged/rated stories on the server (and will be available across all your devices).

    5. Ok, because I started from a bookmark of my 2018 ratings with many stories saved. Then saved again from this page. Didn't bother bookmarking that because it was the blank 2019 ratings page. But when I went back to the current My Ratings page (same machine, same browser session, no manual cache clearing), it had no 2018 stories saved. So I started from my previous bookmark again. But this time I went back to Dec 2018 to save after flagging the 2018 stories on the Jan 2019 page.

    6. Oh no! Sorry to hear you lost data. I was able to reproduce the problem from your description and will try to get a fix soon. In the meantime, you should stick with flagging/rating just stories from 2018.

    7. When I saved again from the Dec 2018 page, all was good (including everything from the previous bookmark and the 2018 stories here), but not when saving directly from this page.

    8. It's fixed and uploaded to the server, but it'll take a day or so for your browser's cached copy to expire. My script merges the current data (multiple years) and the backup data (which is per-year), then saved the backup data by mistake instead of the merged current data, which results in wiping out data from other years. My original testing last March failed to include data from other years, so the bug didn't get exposed until the year changed. :-( I did regularly check that flagging/rating stories from different years works in the per-year My Ratings pages, but did not combine that with testing backup at the same time.