Tuesday, December 27, 2016

2016 Best SF/F Anthologies

Update 3/6/17: Added Nebula & Readers (magazine polls) recommendations, which are +2 to a story's score.
Update 3/2/17: Added 4 story links for Asimov's Readers' Awards Finalists.
Update 2/15/17: Added Rich Larson's Innumerable Glimmering Lights and updated charts.
Update 2/2/17: Added RHorton recommendations from 2/1/17 Locus Magazine.
Update 1/10/17: Added recommendations from Neil Clarke's "year's best" SF/F TOC.
Update 1/1/17: Added GDozois & RHorton recommendations from 1/1/17 Locus Magazine.

Here are 96 stories from the "year's best" SF/F anthologies for 2016, scored by reviewer recommendations, and sorted by highest to lowest score. (Note this is a subset of RSR's YTD By Score page, which also contains stories not included in the "year's best" SF/F anthologies, starting with score 5 and below.)

The "year's best" SF/F anthologies include the following:

The score for each story is calculated as follows:
The table will be updated in Jan and Feb 2017 as Dozois and Horton list their recommendations from stories published in fall 2016, when Clarke releases the table of contents for his anthology, and as Rocket Stack Rank reads some stories it hasn’t reviewed. Updates will be posted on Facebook and tweeted on Twitter.

7 comments (may contain spoilers):

  1. You know, I just realized we didn't get a Garder Dozois anthology at all for 2016, just the year's best

    1. Mash Up came out in June. Although I hadn't heard of it until I just went looking due to your comment.

    2. Yeah but Mash Up actually came out in 2012 with a different title, "Rip-Off."

    3. That was audio-only, though. I think this is the first actual print edition of these stories. But are they SFF stories?

    4. Ah, didn't realize that since a quick glance at the Amazon preview showed all individual stories with a 2016 copyright.

    5. Certainly they are SFF stories, I would say that most of them tend more towards the fantasy side of things than the science fiction side of things.

      One of the stories was published on Tor.com in 2013 (and won a Hugo, i think?)

      Some of the others were reprinted elsewhere.

      Fireborn was in Dozois' 30th
      No Decent Patrimony
      Writer's Block by Nancy Kress was in Asimov's in 2014

      The ones which are seeing print for the first time, as far as I can tell, are:

      *The Evening Line by Mike Resnick
      *The Big Whale by Allen M. Steele
      *The Red Menace by Lavie Tidhar
      *Muse of Fire by John Scalzi
      *Highland Reel by John G. Henry
      *Karin Coxswain, or, Death as She Is Truly Lived by Paul di Fillippo
      *Every Fuzzy Beast of the Earth, Every Pink Fowl of the Air by Tad Williams

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