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These are the stories you've flagged for reading and/or rated after you've read them. In lieu of a spreadsheet, use the My Ratings page to build your shortlist of stories to nominate for annual awards like the Hugos, Locus, Nebula, and magazine-specific reader polls.

There's a My Ratings page per year, and your ratings are grouped by year and saved with that year's My Ratings URL when you click the 💾 Backup button and bookmark the page. Remember to backup regularly in case the browser cache gets cleared.

If you want to track your reading on multiple devices and your browser can replicate bookmarks across those devices, you can use this backup mechanism to do that as long as you remember to "synchronize" (backup) after each session. The backup code will merge the local and bookmark data by having a rating overwrite a flag where there's a conflict.

Dynamic Table Features

  • Rate & flag stories with next to each story title. Your ratings carry over to all RSR pages with dynamic tables
  • Navigate big tables with . Click ↻Mobile View if the full size page is hard to read on a small screen or window. Click to minimize/maximize the gray command box.
  • Change table groupings with . Changing the grouping to Publication is useful if you're a magazine subscriber. Grouping New Writer stories by Score could help prioritize your reading.
  • Highlight stories with . An orange highlight occurs if a yellow highlight intersects an existing red highlight.
  • See your ratings with . They're grouped by Category to simplify Hugo, Locus, Nebula, and magazine-specific nominations.
  • Backup your ratings with . Do this regularly, and definitely prior to clearing your browser cache so you can restore your ratings afterwards. It updates the URL with your data, which can be saved in your browser as a date/time stamped bookmark. If your browser replicates bookmarks across platforms, access the bookmark from another device to transfer your ratings. Repeat after you use each device.

Eric Wong
Updated July 15, 2018

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