Thursday, December 24, 2015

War Stories from the Future, edited by August Cole

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(Military SF) These stories describe various types of future warfare from the perspectives of soldiers, civilians, and support staff. (30,600 words; Time: 1h:42m)

"," edited by August Cole, published on by .

Scenarios, Not Stories

Out of nine original stories, nothing rated above three stars, and four were one-star stories. The book is offered for free, and that probably explains the lack of serious editorial attention to the contents.

It is possible that some of the non-stories (ones that read like Wikipedia entries with a few lines of dialogue mixed in) really were what the editors were shooting for. These are "stories" that outline some ideas of how a future conflict might go, but which make no serious attempt to introduce real characters. "Scenarios" might better describe them. Regardless, the results don't make for pleasant reading.

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