Thursday, November 15, 2018

November 2018 Ratings

5★ & 4★ Stories: 17; Time & Words: [9h:08m] πŸ’¬164.4K
Recommended By Stories: 49; Time & Words: [21h] πŸ’¬382.8K
Total Stories: 76; Time & Words: [30h] πŸ’¬548.2K
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5 comments (may contain spoilers):

  1. The 10/11/2018 issue of Strange Horizons had another original fiction story: The Names of Women by Natalia Theodoridou

    1. Did you miss this one or am I just not finding your review?

    2. Oops, looks like we forgot to review this story after you pointed it out. Sorry.

      We pre-fill our spreadsheet each year with the expected issues for each magazine and track our work as the placeholders are filled with stories. This special issue of Strange Horizons had two rather than the usual single original story, but we didn't have a pre-existing second empty slot so it looked like the issue was complete. Next time I'll immediately add a missing story when notified rather than rely on seeing empty slots in the spreadsheet to track our work.

    3. No problem. Thanks for the explanation.

    4. I added it to my list to read and review, even though it's too late the this year's Hugo awards. Thanks for letting us know, and sorry about that!