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November 2016 Ratings

5 & 4 Stories: 11;  Estimated Time: 8h:28m (153K words)
Recommended By Stories: 20;  Estimated Time: 11h:27m (206K words)
Total Stories: 52;  Estimated Time: 21h:54m (394K words)
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Rating: 5 -> Hugo-worthy

Everything that Isn't Winter by Margaret Killjoy  Time: 21m (ShortStory) 10/19/16
(Post Apocalypse) Just as things are looking up, survivors in a Northwest community face a threat from the east.
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The Lost Child of Lychford by Paul Cornell  Time: 1h:32m (Novella)  IssueTor Novella 11/22/16
(Horror) Just before Christmas, the ghost of a little boy appears in the vicarage and disturbs the vicar and her two friends.
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The Uncarved Heart by Evan Dicken  Time: 18m (ShortStory)  IssueBCS 212
(High Fantasy) Despite the rebellion, the narrator makes friends with a local girl, and she wonders when their bird-like overlords will come to replace her heart.
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Rating: 4 -> Recommended

Dearly Departed by Kelly Stewart1  Time: 17m (ShortStory)  IssueBCS 211
(Horror) Perdita lives in the house on the hill and tends the graveyard. A traveler on a mission disturbs her solitude, and a thing under the graveyard needs to be killed.
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Natural Skin by Alyssa Wong  Time: 13m (ShortStory)  IssueLightspeed 78
(Horror) In near-future Toronto, a young Chinese-Canadian girl sneaks out to seek the services of an illegal underground surgeon.
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Of Sight, of Mind, of Heart by Samantha Murray  Time: 08m (ShortStory)  IssueClarkesworld 122
(SF Android) You adopt an android baby. You name him Ben. He grows amazingly fast.
Passelande by Robert Reed  Time: 37m (Novelette)  IssueF&SF 11.12|16
(Near-Future SF) Lucas does jobs for backups that their human originals won't agree to. But some backups are more trouble than others.
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Penric's Mission by Lois McMaster Bujold  Time: 2h:30m (Novella)  IssuePenric's Mission 11/02/16
(High Fantasy) Penric's secret mission to Cedonia gets off to a bad start when he's arrested and thrown into a pit to die.
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Seasons of Glass and Iron by Amal El-Mohtar  Time: 18m (ShortStory)  IssueUncanny 13
(Fairy Tale) Tabitha has been walking a long time, trying to wear out seven pairs of iron shoes; Amira has been sitting alone on a glass hill that suitors try to climb.
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The Burning Light by Bradley P. Beaulieu and Rob Ziegler  Time: 1h:55m (Novella)  IssueTor Novella 11/01/16
(Post Apocalypse) The Light is an addiction that afflicts telepaths. Colonel Chu hunts Zola, an addict who may hold the key to the problem.
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The Rhythm Man by James Beamon  Time: 14m (ShortStory)  IssueF&SF 11.12|16
(Historical Fantasy) Horace was a celebrated blues player, but he failed to make the move to jazz. Now he's washed up, and desperate enough to sell his soul, if need be.
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Rating: 3 -> Average

Afrofuturist 419 by Nnedi Okorafor  Time: 05m (ShortStory)  IssueClarkesworld 122
(SF Humor) Nigerian astronaut Abacha Tunde has been abandoned in space since 1990 and he would appreciate some help getting home.
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After We Walked Away by Erica L. Satifka  Time: 12m (ShortStory)  IssueApex 90
(Portal Fantasy) Blank and Cipher walked away from Solution City for moral reasons, but once they see what our world is like, they have regrets.
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Between Going and Staying by Lilliam Rivera1  Time: 21m (ShortStory)  IssueF&SF 11.12|16
(Near-Future) Dolores is a high-paid city doliente, who dances at funerals. Then the small town she left behind calls with a request she cannot refuse.
Can't Beat 'Em by Nalo Hopkinson  Time: 04m (ShortStory)  IssueUncanny 13
(Slipstream) Marisella's so obsessed with the hot lady plumber that she almost doesn't hear that her drain is clogged by a baby monster.
Clover by Charlie Jane Anders  Time: 20m (ShortStory) 10/25/16
(Modern Fantasy) Anwar and Joe get an unexpected cat and a promise of nine years of good luck. Things are great, until nine years later they get another cat.
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Dinosaur Killers by Chris Kluwe2  Time: 05m (ShortStory)  IssueLightspeed 78
(Apocalypse) The war between the governments on Earth and the corporate habitats in orbit isn't going to end well.
Don't You Worry, You Aliens by Paul Cornell  Time: 10m (ShortStory)  IssueUncanny 13
(Post Apocalypse) The librarian in a British village keeps to his old routine, even after everyone else is gone and there's no news anymore.
Esmeralda by Tamara Romero  Time: 15m (ShortStory)  IssueStrange Horizons 10/31/16
(High Fantasy) King Lazarus has disappeared, and Queen Estigia suspects his pet panther may have had something to do with it.
Gracia by Susana Vallejo  Time: 28m (Novelette)  IssueStrange Horizons 10/31/16
(Horror) Gracia returns to the Barcelona neighborhood where she grew up to visit her grandmother and attend a funeral.
I've Come to Marry the Princess by Helena Bell  Time: 19m (ShortStory)  IssueLightspeed 78
(Slipstream) Jack has been stranded at summer camp for seven years, since his parents keep forgetting to pick him up. On the bright side, his dragon egg is about to hatch.
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Kamanti's Child by Jennifer Marie Brissett  Time: 17m (ShortStory)  IssueUncanny 13
(SF) Close to giving birth, Kamanti is unhappy that her husband has to go off to confront the invaders to the south of their village.
Lord Elgin at the Acropolis by Minsoo Kang  Time: 15m (ShortStory)  IssueF&SF 11.12|16
(Modern Fantasy) The art director sees that a famous painting has been replaced with a forgery, but no one but him can see the difference.
meat+drink by Daniel Polansky  Time: 13m (ShortStory) 10/26/16
(Horror) A group of homeless inner-city vampires struggles to survive in East Baltimore.
Shooting Gallery by J.B. Park  Time: 09m (ShortStory)  IssueLightspeed 78
(Horror) Teenage zombie raises money by letting his friends shoot him in the chest.
Special Collections by Kurt Fawver  Time: 23m (ShortStory)  IssueF&SF 11.12|16
(Horror) The Special Collections section of the library is filled with curious objects and old books, but people who go in there alone never come out.
The Aeroliths by Stephen Case  Time: 29m (Novelette)  IssueBCS 212
(High Fantasy) Sylva controls the winds, and she served the old wizard in his floating sky palace. Before she serves the new one, he has to learn her story.
The Cat Bell by Esther M. Friesner  Time: 29m (Novelette)  IssueF&SF 11.12|16
(Modern Fairy Tale) On a rich estate in 1890s upstate New York, the cook loves serving her famous boss, but hates feeding his cats.
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The Eye of the Swan by Kelly Robson2  Time: 19m (ShortStory) 10/11/16
(Mannerpunk) Newly raised to dutchess by the untimely death of her inlaws, Diane struggles to understand the role and not be dominated by others.
The Forest Girl by L.E. Modesitt, Jr.  Time: 22m (ShortStory) 10/27/16
(High Fantasy) Alyiakal wants to join the Magi'i, but if he can't internalize the rules for Chaos and Order, he'll be stuck fighting with the Mirror Lancers, like his father. And his obsession the beautiful girl he sees slipping into the forest isn't help
The Garden of Ending by K.J. Kabza  Time: 09m (ShortStory)  IssueBCS 211
(Fantasy) In which a girl named Everyone finds a ruined garden and a nameless gargoyle repairs it for her.
The Green Knight's Wife by Kat Howard  Time: 05m (ShortStory)  IssueUncanny 13
(Horror) What if the Green Knight were real? What if he were still alive? What if he had his own reality show? And how does his wife really feel about the whole thing?
The Place of Bones by Gardner Dozois  Time: 09m (ShortStory)  IssueF&SF 11.12|16
(Historical Fantasy) Martin fulfils his dream of entering the dragonlands via a secret mountain pass in France.
The Vindicator by Matthew Hughes  Time: 45m (Novelette)  IssueF&SF 11.12|16
(High Fantasy) As a thief, Raffalon has made a few enemies, but he didn't think anyone was mad enough to hire an assassin.
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The Witch's Knives by Margaret Ronald  Time: 09m (ShortStory)  IssueStrange Horizons 10/17/16
(Modern Fantasy) Leah has come a long way to find a witch to lift the curse on her husband which sometimes turns him into a beast.
Western Heaven by Chen Hongyu1  Time: 32m (Novelette)  IssueClarkesworld 122
(SF Robots) Humans left Earth long ago, but robots still toil endlessly. Wu Kong has acquired intelligence and goes on a quest to find the humans.
When She Comes by Onu-Okpara Chiamaka1  Time: 00m (ShortStory)  IssueApex 90
(Horror) Death comes for the wtich-doctor, but he's not ready to go quite yet.
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Rating: 2 -> Not Recommended

A Fine Balance by Charlotte Ashley  Time: 22m (ShortStory)  IssueF&SF 11.12|16
(High Fantasy) The stakes on Yildirim and Ramadami's duels have risen to where they threaten the economies of Onsen and Dushiq.
(Magical Allegory) Your lover has sunk to the bottom of the sea. You're a witch with tremendous powers, but can you really save him?
A Taste of Honey by Kai Ashante Wilson  Time: 1h:54m (Novella)  IssueTor Novella 10/25/16
(Fantasy/SF) Young Aqib has a bright future as a noble, but he meets an enchanting foreigner who makes him consider risking everything.
Every Winter by E. Catherine Tobler  Time: 17m (ShortStory)  IssueApex 90
(Horror) Halla is an artist, and every winter she rents a villa where she can work with almost no human interaction at all.
Other Reviews  RSR Mini-Review [2]  Recommended By: SFRevu:4
Everything Belongs to the Future by Laurie Penny1  Time: 1h:13m (Novella)  IssueTor Novella 10/18/16
(Near-Future SF) The Fix offers a couple of centuries of youth to anyone who can afford it. By 2098, it has changed the world. A group of people decide to fix it back.
Merry Christmas from All of Us to All of You by Sandra McDonald  Time: 09m (ShortStory)  IssueF&SF 11.12|16
(Modern Fantasy) High School graduates in Santa Claus's company town head off to college in the world to the south, but most of them come back.
What the Stories Steal by Nin Harris2  Time: 17m (ShortStory)  IssueClarkesworld 122
(Future Fantasy) Ipsita's husband lost his mind when he killed the sacred animals, but she thinks there's a way to get it back.
Where Water Joins by Nelly Geraldine Garcia-Rosas  Time: 06m (ShortStory)  IssueClarkesworld 122
(Near-Future SF) Ever since Iris augmented her eyes with BrainSight, she's dreamed about a strange woman, and now she's seeing her in real life.

Rating: 1 -> Needs Improvement

Dune: Red Plague by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson  Time: 13m (ShortStory) 11/01/16
(Space Opera) People on Walgis are dying, but the Butlerian Jihad dictates that no advanced medicine may be used.
Follow the White Line by Bo Balder  Time: 18m (ShortStory)  IssueClarkesworld 122
(SF Space) Paddy's a good mechanic on a spaceship, but she worries when she starts seeing white lines that no one else can see.
Our Talons Can Crush Galaxies by Brooke Bolander  Time: 03m (ShortStory)  IssueUncanny 13
(Horror) The girl he killed was much more than merely human, and there will be consequences.
The Farmboy by Albert E. Cowdrey  Time: 28m (Novelette)  IssueF&SF 11.12|16
(SF) The crew exploring planet Omega-Alpha are dismayed to see their spaceship take off, leaving them marooned.
Other Reviews  RSR Mini-Review [1]  Recommended By: SFRevu:4
The Island in the Attic by Natalia Theodoridou  Time: 05m (ShortStory)  IssueApex 90
(Surreal) The woman hears the attic breathing, the birds and her womb talking to her, and she might have left her child on the beach.
The Loud Table by Jonathan Carroll  Time: 17m (ShortStory) 11/02/16
(Present-day SF) Four retired men meet every day for conversation. One of them worries he's showing symptoms of Alzheimer's.

Rating: Not Rated

White Hart, Black Knight by Alex Bledsoe  Time: 13m (ShortStory)  IssueUncanny 13
(Chivalry) When the queen sends her young nephew on a quest, she sends Eddia LaCrosse along to keep him safe.

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