Friday, January 10, 2020

SF/F Ballots For Stories From 2019

Here are links to ballots for various SF/F awards, 5 that are open to all, and 4 that are open to members of a convention or association.

The magazine-specific awards come with a longlist link to all stories published by each magazine, with blurbs to help you remember the ones you've read and scores to guide further reading.

For the general awards, see the outstanding stories at the 2019 YTD page, grouped by length (novella, novelette, short story), by publication, by new writer (year 1, year 2), or by author.

Awards in bold are currently available for voting.

A. Open to All

B. Open to Members
Here are some helpful aggregation lists for Best Novel (John DeNardo's Best of the Best), Best Dramatic Presentation - Long Form (Metacritic's 2019's Best Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Superhero Films - scroll down), and Best Dramatic Presentation - Short Form (Metacritic's TV Shows Mentioned on Most Critic Top 10 Lists - 2019). GoodReads' Choice Awards 2019 is also useful for science fiction novels, fantasy novels, and graphic novels.

C. Jury-Only

NOTE: For updates, please go to the 2019 SF/F Ballots page.

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