2019 YTD

The stories here are considered the year's best SF/F because they have been recommended by one or more prolific reviewersπŸ‘, included in a "year's best" anthologyπŸ“™, or are finalists for one or more awardsπŸ†. Each story shows a "Recommended By" list where a score is tallied from the +2, +1 or +0 after each recommendation.

This page starts as the "Year-To-Date" list and is updated the first of each month with recommendations from prolific reviewers. After a year, it becomes the "SF/F Ballots" list and is updated through the awards voting season with "year's best" anthologies and award finalists such as the Nebulas. When the awards voting season is over, it becomes the "Best SF/F" list and is updated with later awards like the Eugie and Sturgeon as well as the Best American Science Fiction & Fantasy anthology.

1. Year-To-Date

2/1/19: 7% done (✓5/72)
Next Update: 3/1/19

Recommendations By010203040506070809101112
πŸ‘GTognetti+2 πŸ‘GTognetti+1
πŸ‘JMcGregor+2 πŸ‘JMcGregor+1
πŸ‘KBurnham+2 πŸ‘KBurnham+1
πŸ‘RHorton.r+2 πŸ‘RHorton.r+1
πŸ‘RSR+2 πŸ‘RSR+1
πŸ‘STomaino+2 πŸ‘STomaino+1
Note: KBurnham is a month behind because she reviews online stories (which generally have no advance copies) for a print magazine with a one month lead time.

2. SF/F Ballots

Coming January 1, 2020.

3. Best SF/F

Coming January 1, 2020.

Eric Wong
Updated Friday February 1, 2019

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