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Once a month, on the 15th, this blog will post groups of rated stories. Casual SF fans with only a few hours free can (1) use our rating, time estimate and blurb to select a few stories to read; (2) click the title if it's a link or the Issue link to access, borrow, or purchase individual back issues with the stories; (3) read the stories in an app, browser, or print; (4) click the Other Reviews link to see what other people think; then (5) click the RSR Mini-Review link to discuss the stories.

Once a month, on the 1st, this blog will update last month's rated stories to identify the ones Recommended By other reviewers. Follow the links to their reviews and use it to choose additional stories to read.

Once a year, at the start of the Hugo Award nomination period, this blog will post a Hugo Awards page (2018, 2017, 2016) with ranked stories by category, annotated versions of the Locus Recommended Reading List and Nebula Award finalists, an analysis of short-form editors, exhibits of select professional artists, and a list of Campbell Award-eligible writers whose stories we reviewed. Use them as guides to find, read, and nominate stories, editors, artists, and writers for the Hugo Awards.

If you're new to the blog, you can catch up on great stories from this year in the Year-To-Date page and previous years in the RSR Library.

Note: Authors eligible for the Campbell Award are identified with a 1 or 2 superscript for their year.

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