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Update 3/5/18: Used new dynamic tables.
Update 3/2/18: Added links to 7 Analog's stories from 2017 AnLab Readers Awards finalists.
Update 2/26/18: Added link to free F&SF story "Dirty Old Town".
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Update 2/10/18: Added recommendations for stories in RHorton's The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy, 2018 Edition.
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[Old version without dynamic table available at Bing & Google caches.]
[Best stories before 2017 available at the RSR Library.]

To make it easier to nominate in Hugo Award categories other than Best Novel, we have collected key information from all the stories in 11 magazines and 8 major anthologies published in 2017. Taken together, this makes it a lot easier to pick things to read and nominate in five categories and the Campbell Award.

1. Help Making Short-Fiction Nominations

If you're still looking for things to read

You can find recommendations on this page for:
The recommended stories by 192 authors from 22 publications are sorted by a "recommendation score" calculated from seven prolific short-fiction reviewers. Each entry includes a link to the story or information on how to buy or borrow a digital copy of the back issue of the print magazine or anthology. If you just want to read without regard to story length, see the Year-To-Date by Rating, Score, and Magazine pages.

There are also the RSR-compilation of the "year's best" SF/F anthologies, RSR-annotated versions of the 2017 Locus Recommended Reading List and 2017 Nebula Award Finalists.

If you've already finished your reading

It's easy to remember which novels you read last year, but it's hard to remember all the short fiction. Even a list of titles and authors doesn't always help because that's often not enough to remind you what the story was about--much less whether it was a novella, novelette, or short story.

Here are links to lists of stories in every magazine and anthology reviewed by RSR in 2017. The stories are sorted by title and contain a brief description and category (novella, novelette, short story).

2. Help Making Campbell Award Nominations

The Campbell Award goes to the best new writer based on the last two years of work. The challenge here is knowing who's eligible.  Our  Campbell Award-Eligible Writers page contains the same information per-story as the list above, but filters out all but the new writers.

3. Help Making Best Pro Artist Nominations

To pick candidates for Best Professional Artist, you need to be able to look through a lot of full-sized images quickly, separating out the ones worth more study.

Our 2018 Professional Artists post uses a "lightbox" display to let you scroll through the cover art from the major magazines and novels of 2017, and it includes links to the original publications and the artists' online galleries (where possible). With this system, you can riffle through about 300 pieces of cool art in just a few minutes.

4. Help Making Best Editor (Short Form) Nominations

Finally, to help people make nominations for the Best Editor (Short Form) category, we collected together all the statistics we could think of on our 2018 Editors (Short Form) post (coming soon) and we offer some suggestions on how to combine them to pick candidates.

Everyone has a handle on Best Novel, but we think this makes nominating for the other categories a whole lot easier, and we hope you will too. (Rocket Stack Rank is a free service and is not monetized in any way, shape, or form.)

5. Worldcon Registration

Worldcon 76 will be held in San Jose, California, USA from August 16-20, 2018. Worldcon 77 will be in Dublin, Ireland in 2019.

2018 Hugo Awards nominations will begin soon. To nominate, you must have either 1) been registered for Worldcon 75 (Helsinki, Finland) or 2) registered for Worldcon 76 (San Jose, California) or Worldcon 77 (Dublin, Ireland) before January 1, 2018.

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  1. Don't forget to update your most recommended novella at the top of the post since "And Then There Were (N-one)" now has a higher score than "Nexus."

    1. Thanks for the reminder but I decided to remove the list of three because it's too much work to manually maintain.

    2. Understandable. Easy enough to scroll down and see in context with the other recommendations anyway.

  2. I only count 86 novelettes here. Also, "Don't Press Charges and I Won't Sue" is actually a short story (it's shown as such on its review page). So 85 novelettes and 130 short stories--unless I'm not seeing something.

    1. I copy/pasted the story into Word and it came to 7,757. It's also listed as a novelette in the Locus list.

    2. See Greg's reply to my comment at File770. Later Charlie Jane Anders confirmed that it's a short story.

    3. Oops. Eric was out of town when I made the update. That's why we didn't communicate about it.

  3. Are you going to do a best editor page this year?

    1. We decided not to do it this year. In the past, it's been a lot of work to collect all the statistics, and it didn't seem that anyone made much use of it. Truthfully, it was really a method that only worked for someone who rated stories the same way I did.

      What we'll try to do next year, now that we have a system to let readers rate stories themselves, is provide something that will do similar computations using the reader's ratings, not mine. That should be far more useful.

    2. Cool. I figured you weren't at this late date, but you do still have it mentioned here as "coming soon."