2024 Best SF/F

Every month, on the 1st, we add the most recommendedπŸ‘ stories from the previous month's ratings to our Year-To-Date (YTD) list, grouped by story length and current score (must be 2 or more). This is our annual library.

After year's end, during the three-month award nomination season, the YTD list becomes the SF/F Ballots list and story scores are updated as “year’s best” anthologiesπŸ“™ and award finalistsπŸ† are announced. For some awards and the Locus Recommended Reading List, we’ll create an annotated list of the finalists sorted by latest score to help people choose stories to read.

After most nominations close in March, the SF/F Ballots list becomes the Best SF/F list and story scores continue to be updated until November when the last award winners (World Fantasy) are announced. During this time, we’ll produce themed selections of outstanding storiesπŸš€✨πŸŒˆπŸ“š with final scores from the annual library.

1. Year-To-Date

7/18/24: 56% done (✓69/123)
Next Update: 8/1/24

Recommendations By010203040506070809101112
πŸ‘Goodreads πŸ“˜
πŸ‘LibraryJournal πŸ“˜
πŸ‘Kirkus πŸ“˜
πŸ‘PW πŸ“˜
Note: CPayseur, ACWise, and PGuran are a month behind because they review online stories (which generally have no advance copies) for a print magazine with a one month lead time.

2. SF/F Ballots

Coming January 1, 2025.

3. Best SF/F

Coming April 1, 2025.

Eric Wong
Updated Thursday July 18, 2024

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