2016 Hugo Nominations Best Professional Artist

This table updates the one in the 2016 Hugo Nominations Organic Estimate to reflect the split Rabid Puppy slate which resulted from a last-minute change in the slate just before nominations closed.

Format of the Table

The table below is sorted by estimated organic votes, so it reflects the long list and finalists that we would have had if there had been no slates. This is somewhat conservative, since it only removes votes from perfect slates.

Type Styles

Hugo Winner
The official winner of the Hugo Award is in bold.
Any candidate that was in the official top five (whether it deserved to be or not and whether or not it later withdrew) is in regular type. In cases or ties and withdrawals, there may be more than five.
Long List
All candidates which were not finalists are in italics.
Any candidate which withdrew, declined, or was disqualfiied is struck through, provided this happened soon enough to keep it off the final ballot. Attempts to withdraw after the deadline are not marked.

Color Coding

Blue marks candidates that were on one or more slates but which would have been finalists on the strength of their organic votes alone.
Green indicates slate candidates who would have been finalists except that they withdrew or were disqualified in time to stay off the final ballot.
Orange signifies slate candidates which owed their place in the list of finalists to their slate support, displacing candidates that would have otherwise been finalists.
Toxic Spoilers
Red singles out spoilers which were later voted under No Award in the final round of voting.
Failed Spoilers
Magenta rows are slate candidates which failed to become finalists. Slate candidates which didn't even make it into the longlist are not shown at all.
Gray marks candidates which were not from the slates, were not finalists, and would not have been finalists even without the slates.

Names of Table Fields

Organic Votes
Estimated number of organic (non-slate) nominations the candidate received.
Organic Points
Portion of the candidate's EPH points which were due to organic votes.
Organic Deflator
Ratio of organic votes to organic points.
Pure Slate Votes
Number of votes estimated to have come from Sad or Rabid Puppies who were strictly following a slate.
EPH Points
Number of points assigned to this candidate by the EPH algorithm at the point where either the candidate was eliminated or the algorithm terminated with a list of finalists.
EPH Deflator
Ratio of the total nominations received by the candidate to the number of EPH points.

Using the Table

Look at the top items under any given category, up to the first double horizontal line. These are the finalists that Hugo voters would have been presented with had there been no slates--assuming the estimates are correct. Anything in italics above the double line is a candidate that was pushed out by the slates. Anything in blue is a slated candidate that didn't need their help.

Now look below the first double line. Ignore things in gray italics; they wouldn't have been finalists even without the slates. Each orange or red line corresponds to a slated candidate that displaced an organic one from the top five. Pink lines are slate candidates that did no harm; they never made it to the finalist list anyway. Green items (always struck through) are nominees that would have been spoilers except that they were withdrawn.

The second double line is the limit of the organic longlist. Items below this line received so few organic votes that they wouldn't have even been in the top 15 without slate support.

Best Professional ArtistOrganicPure Slate VotesEPH
Julie Dillon244223.83331.090100223.83331.0901
John Picacio147129.50001.135100129.50001.1351
Galen Dara147113.00001.300900113.00001.3009
Cynthia Sheppard13297.16671.35850097.16671.3585
Richard Anderson11471.78331.58810071.78331.5881
Larry Elmore10372.83331.414224078178.83332.3541
John Harris7645.20001.68140045.20001.6814
Abigail Larson7343.33331.684624078149.33332.6183
Chris McGrath7350.91671.43370050.91671.4337
Kathleen Jennings6543.50001.49430043.50001.4943
Victo Ngai6540.16671.61830040.16671.6183
Michal Karcz3517.50002.000024078123.50002.8583
Lars Braad Andersen228.33332.64002407887.83333.8710
Larry Rostant1817.98331.0009240065.98333.9101
Rowena Morrill10.30003.333307815.90004.9686

October 04, 2016

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