Friday, June 14, 2019

Field Mice, by Andy Dudak

★★★☆☆ Average

(Post Apocalypse) In the ruins of the American Midwest, two countries struggle over the question of whether brain uploads are still the same person, and a secret agent finds his loyalties have changed. (5,803 words; Time: 19m)

"," by (edited by Neil Clarke), appeared in issue 153, published on .

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Review: 2019.335 (A Word for Authors)

Pro: The question of whether a brain upload is the original person or not, assuming a transfer technique that always kills the original person, is likely to be a very real one if this sort of technology ever becomes possible.

The secret-agent plot is okay; the narrator has long ago switched sides, but risks being exposed by the capture of a new agent, who might know all about him. Nice idea that uploading the brain of a spy gives the government access to everything that spy knew.

Con: It doesn’t really seem to do a lot with its concept. This could be a standard spy story without a whole lot of work.

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