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How to Move Spheres and Influence People, by Marko Kloos

★★★★☆ A great character with an interesting problem.

(Superhero; Wild Cards) Despite being paralyzed on one side, T.K. insists on going to gym class, even though the other girls torment her in dodge ball. Up to the point where the tormenting brings out her specialized telekinetic ability. (12,330 words; Time: 41m)

You need to at least know the premise of the Wild Cards universe to make sense of this story.

"," by (edited by George R.R. Martin), published on by .

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Review: 2019.189 (A Word for Authors)

Pro: This is an origin story, so, as one expects, it’s about T.K. coming to terms with her powers and all that they imply. This is complete, symbolically, when she chooses a name for herself at the end.

The scene where T.K. stops the terrorist truck driver with Christmas-tree ornaments is great fun, with plenty of tension, despite her rather powerful ability. Her insistence on her never hurting people keeps her from being over-powered and makes her lovable as well.

It’s a cute joke that “T.K.” stands for telekinesis, the ability to move things with your mind.

Con: This is more of a “taster” story to draw readers into the Wild Cards universe. It does stand on its own, but it still feels incomplete.

Some of the narration feels a little off. Not enough to ruin the story, but the author has something of a tendency to “tell” what he ought to “show.”

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