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Ring Wave, by Tom Jolly

★★★☆☆ Mixed

(Hard SF Apocalypse) After the asteroid destroys the Earth, Aleja escapes in a life pod good for one month, but surviving long enough to find a real colony isn’t going to be easy. (14,888 words; Time: 49m)

"Ring Wave," by (edited by Trevor Quachri), appeared in issue 01-02|19, published on by .

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Review: 2019.002 (A Word for Authors)

Pro: Aleja’s a nice person, so we’re rooting for her all the way. The main thing she needs is to find a sustainable colony to accept her before her food and air run out, so she’s got quite the challenge—particularly when people like Cal just want to kill her and take her stuff.

The best part of the story is the various creative ways she overcomes the different problems she runs into.

Accordingly, it’s gratifying when she’s able to help Manuel and his family, earning a place in their pod.

Con: The what-if is quite a stretch; we already know where all the threatening 20 km asteroids are, so this one would have had to come from interstellar space or the Oort cloud, which is really, really unlikely. And there’s no real way anyone would survive the shock wave and get into space. Finally, even if you granted all that, the people in pods seem to have essentially zero chance of survival.

Cal is a cardboard villain, and he doesn’t even get his comeuppance.

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