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Things That Happened While We Waited For Our Magical Grandmother to Die—No. 39, by Kuzhali Manickavel

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[Strange Horizons]
★★★☆☆ Mixed

(Surreal Indian Fantasy) Three children in India are trapped inside a great house that changes form around them. But Mythili is determined to escape. (2,551 words; Time: 08m)

"," by (edited by Jane Crowley and Kate Dollarhyde), appeared in issue 04/30/18, published on .

Mini-Review (click to view--possible spoilers)

Pro: Mythili does manage to escape, even though her siblings are content to stay behind.

It’s possible that this is a metaphor for the way some people leave a country for a career elsewhere, then return for a visit and have trouble leaving again.

Con: It’s very confusing. For example, Mythili escapes when she finds a door to the outside. Yet Kumar routinely pours unwanted food into the yard, so going outside can’t be that hard.

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