Friday, July 15, 2016

The Inside-Out, by Andrew Kozma

(SF) Jamon and his friends explore an abandoned neighborhood on the Dyson sphere he and other humans have been relocated to. (4,675 words)

Rating: 3, Unremarkable

"The Inside-Out," by appeared in the July-August 2016 issue of Interzone Magazine (Issue 265), published by

Mini-Review (click to view--possible spoilers)

Pro: The setting is fascinating, if a bit sad. With little purpose to existence, it's no surprise that most cultures transplanted to the IO end up choosing suicide. The plot is simple, but effective: explore the abandoned ghetto and learn what was interesting about it.

Con: There are lots of loose ends. Why were humans brought here? What happened to Bee? Are there humans left on Earth? Is there no supervision? A different problem is that Jamon and his friends come across as children, and it jolted me every time I was reminded they were adults.

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