Saturday, June 11, 2016

Cuckoo Girls, by Douglas F. Warrick

(Horror) Nikki and Samantha are on the run from luminous monsters that are trying to kill them--and anyone they care about who's near them. (5,900 words)

Rating: 3, Unremarkable

"," by appeared in the June 2016 issue of Apex Magazine (Issue 85), published .

Mini-Review (click to view--possible spoilers)

Pro: At the start of the story, Nikki and Samantha are just fellow travelers, grieving for their lost loved ones. By the end, they've become a unit. In fact, it seems as though the thing that caused the two hunters to lock up was that they encountered two of their prey who cared about each other--not just encountering two prey at the same time.

Obviously the story has built-in tension on almost every page, but we do gradually come to care about both women, and we don't want to see harm come to either one.

The fact that there's an online forum to help women with this problem adds welcome comic relief.

Con: It seems as though there may be some deeper meaning to the monsters--the title hints at it--but, if so, it's hard to see what it is. At the end, we're not sure if the two monsters are gone for good or not, and that's a bit dissatisfying.

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