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Pure Attentions, by TR Dillon

★★★☆☆ Average

(YA Urban Fantasy) Max hates having to wait while his mom sees the doctor. The cafe where he waits is usually deserted, but today two strange little men show up. Men who're supposed to be invisible. (13,000 words; Time: 43m)

"Pure Attentions," by , published on by .

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Review: 2015.223 (A Word for Authors)

Pro: It's a touching little story, and very well written. The author captures the voice of the child very convincingly. The concept is a fascinating one as well; temporal collision can end the world, but he can avoid it if only he can lean to "mind his attentions."

The ending is bittersweet because we're sure that although he's saved the world, he hasn't saved his mom. Ending with him still hopeful was the right move.

Minor note: In any given year, the odds that anyone in the world dies in the same nanosecond in which he was born are about one in 550 million, so it really should be almost impossible.

Con: The solution is too pat. A single pleasant conversation with his mom was all it took? Or was it eating the pastries? The set up was marvelous, but the ending is a let down.

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