Thursday, October 15, 2015

Update: Monthly & YTD Ratings Format

The format of the story entry (title, author, time, issue, blurb, etc.) for monthly ratings has been simplified to be more compact and easier to read on smartphones. The Year-To-Date page's lower-rated story entries now include full data like the 5- and 4-star story entries. There's also a new chart that shows the number of reviewer recommendations by magazine.

5 comments (may contain spoilers):

  1. Thank-you for doing this ie the whole website, the reading and the ratings.
    I've found Rocket Stack Rank to be very helpful when filtering out what to buy and read.

    What I did was read at least 1 story per category (preferably 2-3) to figure out -
    1. What you put in that category
    2. Your criteria for putting it in that category (the why)
    3. Whether I agree or not

    For the most part it is a very close match to my own opinions. Some of it is going to come down to personal taste and preferences, but this is a very good way to do it - a consistent application of a defined rating system and a very short hidden review.

    1. Thank you for making the effort and letting us know. Did you see that we also included links to other reviewers to make it easier for people to get different opinions?

  2. Yes. I am finding the Locus reviewer Lois Tilton another very good match for my reading tastes.

    1. Have you tried reading the stories that Lois liked but which we gave only 1 or 2 stars? There aren't very many, but it would be interesting to hear your take on them.

  3. Done, and a most interesting exercise it was too.

    I read "Variations on an Apple" by Yoon Ha Lee, published on
    Rocket Stack Rank rated it a 2 and it was a "Recommended" by Lois Tilton.
    I had wanted to read it anyway, and this gave me the perfect excuse.

    I left my opinion in the comments with the story.