Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Muses of Shuyedan-18, by Indrapramit Das

Asimov's Science Fiction, June 2015;  ~8,700  words
Rating: 2, Not recommended  Recommended By:    SFEP

Lesbian couple studying the native life on Teysanzi make a real impression on a towering alien.

Mini-Review (click to view--possible spoilers)

The vitanbiet are a fascinating species. Very unusual to see a story with a key role for a non-sentient species.

This is, in essence, the story of how a relationship died and how Tani decided she's meant to be a loner and means to make the best of it. But the story never really makes us like Tani or Mi very much. The dialogue between the two consistently sounds unnatural, and even the narration has rough spots.

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