2018 Best SF/F

Update 6/18/20: Added anthologist πŸ“™Allan Kaster (click link to highlight).
Update 1/25/20: Added reviewer πŸ‘A.C. Wise (click link to highlight). (More)

Every month, on the 1st, we add the most recommendedπŸ‘ stories from the previous month's ratings to our Year-To-Date (YTD) list, grouped by story length and current score (must be 2 or more). This is our annual library.

After year's end, during the three-month award nomination season, the YTD list becomes the SF/F Ballots list and story scores are updated as “year’s best” anthologiesπŸ“™ and award finalistsπŸ† are announced. For some awards and the Locus Recommended Reading List, we’ll create an annotated list of the finalists sorted by latest score to help people choose stories to read.

After most nominations close in March, the SF/F Ballots list becomes the Best SF/F list and story scores continue to be updated until November when the last award winners (World Fantasy) are announced. During this time, we’ll produce themed selections of outstanding storiesπŸš€✨πŸŒˆπŸ“š with final scores from the annual library.

1. Year-To-Date

2/1/19: 100% done (✓70/70)
Next Update: Complete

Recommendations By010203040506070809101112
πŸ‘GDozois.r+2 πŸ‘GDozois.r+1
πŸ‘GTognetti+2 πŸ‘GTognetti+1
πŸ‘JMcGregor+2 πŸ‘JMcGregor+1
πŸ‘KBurnham+2 πŸ‘KBurnham+1
πŸ‘RHorton.r+2 πŸ‘RHorton.r+1
πŸ‘RSR+2 πŸ‘RSR+1
πŸ‘STomaino+2 πŸ‘STomaino+1
Note: KBurnham is a month behind because she reviews online stories (which generally have no advance copies) for a print magazine with a one month lead time.

2. SF/F Ballots

Here are links to ballots for various SF/F awards, 6 that are open to all, and 4 that are open to members of a convention or association.

The magazine-specific awards come with a longlist link to all stories published by each magazine, with blurbs to help you remember the ones you've read and scores to guide further reading.

For the general awards, see the outstanding stories on this page, grouped by length (novella, novelette, short story), by publication, by new writer (year 1, year 2), or by author.

Awards in bold are currently available for voting.

Open to All

Open to Members
Here are some helpful aggregation lists for Best Novel (John DeNardo's Best of the Best), Best Dramatic Presentation - Long Form (Metacritic's 2018's Best Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Superhero Films - scroll down), and Best Dramatic Presentation - Short Form (Metacritic's TV Shows Mentioned on Most Critic Top 10 Lists - 2018). GoodReads' Choice Awards 2018 is also useful for science fiction novels, fantasy novels, and graphic novels.


3. Best SF/F

11/03/19: 100% complete (πŸ†33/33; πŸ“™11/11; πŸ‘16/16)
Next Updates: October (British Fantasy Awards), November (World Fantasy Awards)

Clicking on a completed award/year's best/reviewer link will highlight the stories whose score was increased by that award/year's best/reviewer.

1. General AwardsFinalistsWinners
2. Subgenre AwardsFinalistsWinners
British FantasyπŸ†₂BFantasy+2πŸ†₂BFantasy+3
Shirley JacksonπŸ†₂SJackson+2 Jul @ ReaderCon
Tiptree March May @ WisCon
World FantasyπŸ†₂WFantasy+2πŸ†₂WFantasy+3
3. Readers AwardsFinalistsWinners
4. Year's BestHonorable MentionTable of Contents
Best American SF/FπŸ“™₁BASFF+1πŸ“™₁BASFF+2
Jonathan StrahanπŸ“™₁JStrahan+2
Neil ClarkeπŸ“™₁NClarke+1πŸ“™₁NClarke+2
Rich HortonπŸ“™₁RHorton+2
5. Subgenre BestHonorable MentionTable of Contents
Allan KasterπŸ“™₂AKaster+1
Bogi TakacsπŸ“™₂BTakacs+1
David AfshariradπŸ“™₂DAfsharirad+1
Ellen DatlowπŸ“™₂EDatlow+1
Paula GuranπŸ“™₂PGuran+1
6. ReviewersRecommendedAward Worthy
Gardner DozoisπŸ‘GDozois.r+1πŸ‘GDozois.r+2
Gary TognettiπŸ‘GTognetti+1πŸ‘GTognetti+2
Jason McGregorπŸ‘JMcGregor+1πŸ‘JMcGregor+2
Karen BurnhamπŸ‘KBurnham+1πŸ‘KBurnham+2
Maria HaskinsπŸ‘MHaskins+1πŸ‘MHaskins+2
Rich HortonπŸ‘RHorton.r+1πŸ‘RHorton.r+2
Greg HullenderπŸ‘RSR+1πŸ‘RSR+2
Sam TomainoπŸ‘STomaino+1πŸ‘STomaino+2

Eric Wong
Updated Sunday November 3, 2019

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  1. You have Domestic Violence by Madeline Ashby listed as a novelette, but the word count I get is about 4970.

    1. Thanks. I repasted the text in Word and got 4,983 but my spreadsheet showed 9,983 so it must have been a typo when I first entered it.

  2. "Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Memphis Minnie Sing the Stumps Down Good"
    by LaShawn M. Wanak, originally in FIYAH 7, was reprinted in Apex 120:


  3. We deleted a comment in which an author asked us to review his book. Rocket Stack Rank doesn't review anything over 50,000 words, and requests for us to review short fiction need to be sent to greghull@rocketstackrank.com.

  4. It looks like Goodreads has removed the Year's Best anthology series pages. Here are the ones at LibraryThing:

    Best American SF/F
    Jonathan Strahan
    Neil Clarke
    Rich Horton

    These pages are unlikely to disappear.

    1. Thanks. I've updated these four Year's Best, plus the four subgenre Year's Best (Takacs, Afsharirad, Datlow, Guran), to LibraryThing series links.

  5. Olivia's Table by Alyssa Wong has been reprinted at Lightspeed 130 (Mar 2021): https://www.lightspeedmagazine.com/fiction/olivias-table/

  6. Another online reprint of "She Searches for God in the Storm Within" by Khaalidah Muhammad‑Ali (Sword and Sonnet 2018) at Apex 122 (Mar/Apr 2021).